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Health Minister Gaétan Barrette announced yesterday that 85% of Quebecers will have family doctors by the end of 2017.

Some studies have found that one in three Montrealers does not have a GP.

While previously, different health networks across Quebec operated their own systems (which led to many patients in need of a family doctor falling through the cracks), the province’s medicare board is now centralizing and managing the placement of “orphan” patients to make sure they get hooked up as soon as possible with family doctors.

Those who are already waiting under the old system will be given priority under the new one so they don’t lose their place in line, and, as is the case under the old system, “vulnerable” patients (those with chronic illnesses, for example) will be given priority over those who are in good health. According to Barrette, the new system will also hook patients up with doctors in their own area, so they won’t have to travel long distances for a medical consultation.

Without further ado, you can now register for a family doctor online, right HERE.

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