Our Work

Our Work

  • Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI)

    A program designed to support Quebec’s minority English-speaking communities in improving and maintaining access to a full range of health and social services. This is a province-wide network where ARC contributes, connects, and shares resources and information in a meaningful and timely way all that supports community engagement and promotes our community vitality. Check out the CHSSN-NPI Network for more information.

  • Health Promotion Project (HPP)

    A community-based program that promotes the improvement, development, and accessibility of health and social services based on the needs of English-speaking communities. The HPP program proves to be a true springboard of activity as ARC collaborates with service providers, community organizers, and individuals in the Montérégie  on community-wide initiatives including a “first-of-its kind” Health Promotion Fair  and a 6-week ReCharge course among others.

  • McGill University Training and Retention of Health Professionals

    The McGill Retention Project invests in the future of health and social services in the Montérégie by ensuring English-speakers have access to services in English and by the Allocation of Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursaries. ARC develops community awareness of the need for services in English and in collaboration with stakeholders, ARC supports recruiting and retention efforts so that there are more English-speaking professionals working in our health and social services system.  Visit our McGill Training and Retention Project page for more information.