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CHSLD: Public


A residential CHSLD is a healthcare institution that is part of a Health and Social Services Center (CSSS) Network and its residents are elderly persons who by reason of loss of physical or psychic autonomy require a minimum of three hours of care per day.

In addition to providing room and board, 24-hour supervision, care and assistance, rehabilitation, pharmaceutical and medical services, CHSLDs offer a living environment adapted to the needs of their clientele. In order to do this, CHSLDs are required to develop a program of prevention, therapy and rehabilitation activities adapted to the users’ needs.

  • CSSS Champlain-Charles-Le Moyne
    Brossard, Greenfield Park, Lemoyne, St-Hubert and St-Lambert.
  • CSSS Jardins Roussillon
    Candiac, Châteauguay, Delson, Hemmingford, Canton et Village La Prairie, Léry, Mercier, Napierville, Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Saint-Constant, Saint-Cyprien de Napierville, Sainte-Catherine, Sainte-Clotilde, Saint-Édouard, Sainte-Martine, Saint-Isidore, Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, Saint-Mathieu, Saint-Michel, Saint-Patrice-de-Sherrington, Saint-Philippe, Saint-Rémi, Saint-Urbain-Premier as well as the population of Kahnawake.
  • CSSS Pierre Boucher
    Vieux-Longueuil, Boucherville, Calixa-Lavallée, Contrecoeur, Saint-Amable, Sainte-Julie, Varennes and Verchères.

CSSS Champlain-Charles-Le Moyne

Centre d’accueil Marcelle-Ferron

8600 boul. Marie-Victorin Brossard Quebec J4X 1A1 Canada Work Phone: 450-923-1430

Centre d’hébergement Champlain

5050 Place Nogent Brossard Quebec J4Y 2K3 Canada Work Phone: 450-672-3320

Centre d’hébergement Henriette-Céré

6435 chemin de Chambly Saint-Hubert Quebec J3Y 3R6 Canada Work Phone: 450-672-3320

CHSLD Vigi de Brossard

5955 rue Grande-Allée Brossard Quebec J4Z 3G4 Canada Work Phone: 450-656-8500

CHSLD Vigi de Montérégie

2042 boul. Marie Saint-Hubert Quebec J4T 2B4 Canada Work Phone: 450-671-5596

CSSS Jardins Roussillon

Centre d’hébergement Champlain Châteauguay

210 rue Salaberry South Châteauguay Quebec J6K 3M9 Canada Work Phone: 450-632-4451 ext 313

Centre d’hébergement Champlain Jean-Louis-Lapierre

199 rue Saint-Pierre Saint-Constant Quebec J5A 2N8 Canada Work Phone: 451-632-4451 ext 313

Centre d’hébergement de Châteauguay

95 chemin de la Haute-Rivière Châteauguay Quebec J6K 3P1 Canada Work Phone: 450-692-8231

Centre d’hébergement de La Prairie

500 avenue Balmoral La Prairie Quebec J5R 4N5 Canada Work Phone: 450-659-9148

Centre d’hébergement de St-Rémi

110 rue du Collège Saint-Rémi Quebec J0L 2L0 Canada Work Phone: 450-454-4694

Centre hospitalier Kateri Memorial

CP 10 Kahnawake Quebec J0L 1B0 Canada Work Phone: 450-638-3930

CSSS Pierre Boucher

Centre d’accueil Saint-Laurent inc.

480 rue LeMoyne West Longueuil Quebec J4H 1X1 Canada Work Phone: 450-670-5480

Centre d’hébergement De Contrecoeur

4700 route Marie-Victorin Contrecoeur Quebec J0L 1C0 Canada Work Phone: 450-468-8410

Centre d’hébergement De Lajemmerais

60 rue D\’Youville Varennes Quebec J3X 1R1 Canada Work Phone: 450-463-2995

Centre d’hébergement de Mgr-Coderre

2761 rue Beauvais Longueuil Quebec J4M 2A4 Canada Work Phone: 450-448-3111

Centre d’hébergement du Chevalier-De Lévis

40 rue Lévis Longueuil Quebec J4H 1S5 Canada Work Phone: 450-670-5110

Centre d’hébergement du Manoir-Trinité

1275 boul Jacques-Cartier East Longueuil Quebec J4M 2Y8 Canada Work Phone: 450-674-4948

Centre d’hébergement Jeanne-Crevier

151 rue De Muy Boucherville Quebec J4B 4W7 Canada Work Phone: 450-641-0590

Centre d’hébergement René-Lévesque

1901 rue Claude Longueuil Quebec J4G 1Y5 Canada Work Phone: 450-651-2210

La Maison Dauphinelles S.A.

33 rue Lafrance Est Saint-Basile-le-Grand Quebec J3N 1L5 Canada Work Phone: 450-441-7774