Our Vision & Mission

Founded in 2011, Assistance and Referral Center Health and Social Services (ARC) is a not-for-profit community-based organization that believes in vibrant, healthy communities and we are committed to strengthening networks within our English and French-speaking populations.

We are hands-on collaborators who promote access to services in English in the Montérégie through contributing, connecting, and sharing resources and information; by developing community awareness; and by supporting the recruiting and retention efforts of health professionals.

Our objectives

  • To increase collaboration and promote partnership development through effective communications and by leading Partnership Tables across the region
  • To promote and represent the health and social service needs and priorities of the English-Speaking Communities in the Montérégie
  • To develop and share evidence-based data and to share best practices for improving the delivery of health and social services in the English
  • To design and implement programs to improve access to vital health and social services for the English-speaking population of the Montérégie

Our Partners & Supporters